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           Selling your home
Pricing it Right   [top]

Determining the best possible selling price is the key. Your agent will take into account the state of the local market, the condition of the home, and sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood.

Being reasonable about the price will get you a quicker sale. Setting a price too high and expecting someone to come along and pay it can create a situation in which your property will stay on the market too long and potential buyers may think something is wrong with it. You may end up selling it for less than if you started out with a realistic price. Your Coldwell Banker agent will guide you to the best fair market price and will help you sell your home in the desired time frame.

Showing and Selling Condition   [top]

Do a "Curb to Door" check and decide what needs to be changed to make a good impression. Then take this list below and discuss it with the agent. He or she will give you their expert professional opinion.

1. Keep the curtains open and the lights on to make the rooms look bigger and brighter.
2. Tidy up bedrooms and living rooms.
3. Unclutter the closets to make them look larger.
4. Pack up any extra items you won't be using, or have a garage sale.
5. Clean the kitchen and bathrooms to a sparkle.
6. Repair any leaks or drips.
7. Shampoo rugs if necessary.
8. Make any minor repairs - replace cracked/broken glass.
9. Spruce up with paint.
10. Clean windows and mirrors.
11. Make sure the doorbell and all light fixtures work.
12. Scent your house with a wonderful aroma by baking cookies or
     heating vanilla extract.
13. Play soothing music for showings.
14. Keep your pets out of the home during the showing.
15. Remove personal objects.
16. Place flowers around the home.

Offers   [top]

Your agent will represent you through the offer, negotiation and acceptance process. He or she will help make sure that you thoroughly understand what the buyers are offering and what they are asking for in return.

                                          Contract To Closing   [top]
Your agent will coordinate any actions you must take (such as repairs per inspection) to finalize the sell. He or She will keep you informed to see that the sale is moving forward as planned. There are some sales that go smoothly and some that require a lot of work to get to the closing table.

The closing is where ownership is legally transferred. Your agent will be present at the closing and will try to make certain that everything goes as planned. Your Coldwell Banker agent will assist you in the process of possession in a timely manner according to the sales contract.

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